Driving Lessons Leicester

Driving Lessons Leicester - What We Offer

Standard Learner Lessons

Whether you are new to driving or want to change your current instructor. Give us a call to discuss your situation and lets get started!

Accelerated/Intensive Coureses

Want to learn how to drive but don't have much time? Why not take an accelerated intensive course and be ready for your test quicker!

Advanced Driving Lessons

Already a full licence holder? Want to improve your driving? We will help you develop your skills to a standard recommended by advanced motoring institutes and road safety organisations such as RoSPA and IAM.

Refresher Lessons

Passed your test but have not driven for some time? Looking to change career where driving will be an essential skill? We will help you to get up to the standard that your new employer will expect.

  • Disqualified Driver Lessons
    Been disqualified from driving? Need to re-sit your driving test? Get in touch and we will explain what will be expected from you in the re-test and how we can help.
  • New Car Lessons
    Bought a new car? This option is preferred by but not exclusive to new drivers who have recently purchased a new set of wheels. We can help you familiarise yourself with your new car. Sometimes people just need an expert with them while they gain confidence.
  • Eco-Safe Driving Lessons
    Do you want to learn to drive in an Eco-Safe manner? Reduce harmful emissions and save yourself money on your fuel bills. Give us a call and we will show you how.
  • Route Familiarisation Lessons
    Regularly travelling to a new destination? Finding the route hard to drive? Contact us and we will come with you.
  • Earn As You Learn
    Existing customers can earn cashback simply by telling their friends about us. You can choose to lower your lesson price or take a cash payment or have money off your next lesson with the Recommend a Friend Scheme.*
  • Pass Plus Lessons
    Pass Plus is an established training course aimed at new drivers. It was designed by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry.
    Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years after passing their test. This is because of their lack of driving experience.
    Pass Plus builds on your skills and knowledge. It will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, to help you become a more confident driver.